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Busy Bee Productions would like to introduce the Alikay Naturals product line to Lehigh Valley's first product swap event, "Cupcake and Curls".

Cupcake and Curls details:
DATE: Wednesday, August 19, 2015
TIME: 6:00 pm-9:00pm
Allentown Public Library Community Room
1210 Hamilton St,
Allentown, PA 18102
Advanced tickets: $10 + a minimum of 2 products to swap
Door tickets: $12 + a minimum of 2 products to swap

To purchase tickets online: www.mkt.com/busy-bee-productions/cupcakes-and-curls

How the Swap Works:
Each participant must bring a minimum of two products to swap (see swap rules below). When products are approved you are given tickets, the number of tickets depends on the number of products you bring to swap (ex. Four products = 4 ticket). You are now allowed to shop the product table for four products of your choice.

Please note that all remaining products will be donated to charity.

Swap Rules:
- All hair must be removed from the inside/ outside of container
- The outside of the containers must be cleaned (non-greasy)
- All product ingredients MUST be legible
- No expired or discolored products allowed
- There must be at least half or more of the product remaining in order to qualify for the swap

Text and email receipts are proof of ticket purchase. Please bring proof of purchase to event.

Questions? Email: busybeeandco@gmail.com

Sponsored by The Honey Comb

Written by Lindsay Blair — June 22, 2015

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