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"Natural Hair: The Movie" is a very necessary commentary on the various issues and persisting stigmas around natural hair, while at he same time highlighting the progress made. Directed by Reginald Titus and produced by Grind Over Matter Films, the filmmakers hope the film will "start a more engaged dialogue where Chris Rock left off with 'Good Hair'," and that it will offer "more solutions than questions." It will also include commentary from women and men of all backgrounds who will share their opinions on what this "Natural Hair movement" has done and meant to and for them. The filmmakers believe that this project will "empower young and old, male and female to examine the role of black hair in our culture, self esteem, and identity... our hair/crown plays a huge role in who we are as a people. This country has a long history of not letting us acknowledge and be proud of our natural hair". 

Enjoy an evening of conversation, delectable treats, raffled swag bags with free samples, and an amazing documentary!  Hope to see all of our Naturalistas, Weavenistas, and everyone in between!! 

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