How Do They Get that Pattern?

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With all the information on where your hair extensions come there is no one who debate the fact that these “donors” are not walking around with 24 inches of 4C hair, or 3C for that matter. So the question becomes, how do those limp locks become the well coiffed curls you see everywhere from Instagram to your local beauty supply?  Through our dealings in the hair extensions world we came across two specific methods that suppliers use. The first is actually perming the hair to the desired curl pattern. There are many weavenistas, full and part time, that believe the chemical process dries the hair out and here at the Honey Comb we agree. We use the second method, steam processing the hair. Simply put the hair is put on rods of varying sizes and steamed to hold the pattern, from loose to very tight. The rods are made of metal to be able to withstand the high temperatures of the steam. It is a tedious process depending on how tight you want those curls. Steam setting is permanent and can loosen with direct heat but generally returns back to the original steamed curl pattern.

Natural Hair Pattern

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