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 A couple of months ago, I had a thought. I wanted to do a perm rod set. Like the old school skittle colored perm rods people used to let their "soul glow"....for those not familiar with the movie "Coming to America" I am referring to the jheri curl. Yes the "follow drip" chemical treatment that left its greasy residue everywhere. Not looking for that type of result I headed right over to you tube to check out some of my Naturalista vloggers experiments with the perm rods. The results were great!!!! Loved the final results. So the decision was made, I went to pick of two packs of the orange perm rods (the size goes by color...I think) and I was ready to until I walked by the Lottabody bottle and all kinds of nostalgia     Lotta Body products  Classic Line came rushing back to me. Memories of roller sets and eavesdropping dropping on grown folk conversations in the hair salon. There is not one woman who can't say that at some point she was wrapped or set with some Lottabody. I picked it up thinking whats the worst that can happen. So glad I picked up this oldie but definite goodie. 

After my usual wash routine I let my hair air dry and then used a ionic blow dryer on a medium level heat setting to fully get all my hair dry. The thinking behind using the blow dryer was the time I did not have to let it fully dry and the knowledge that once in rollers on wet hair it is close to impossible to dry with out a hood dryer. Also I was comfortable using a little drying help knowing my natural curl pattern was not needed for this experiment.

So I set to roll all of my hair in a half hour or less. This was a long shot from the hour that it actually took. For the exacts on how to roll the hair in the perm rods I suggest doing like I did and get your you tube tutorial on (I posted my fav at the bottom). I used the Lottabody, Carol's Daughter's Hair Mimosa, and a little Mango Butter. The result was a full head of gorgeous ringlet curls. I was in love with this do! Naturally I was all ready to repeat this look the next wash day but I could not find my Lottabody...I used a random wrap lotion instead. The result were good but not that Lottabody shiny no frizz nonsense look. So the very next night I re-rollered up with the new bottle of Lottabody I purchased and just like that I was back on my proper ringlets. 

So with that being said I will make sure "The Honey Comb" is fully stocked with the whole line. And yes there is a line. There is an olive oil infused formula for a moisturizing effect and another formula with carrot seed oil and keratin for strength. 




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