After a random conversation about how much money she has spent on just her hair, Lindsay Blair supported by her cousin Alana Lowe came up with the concept of a Beauty Supply Store with all of the bells and whistles of a main stream beauty retailer. The conversation led to a not so revolutionary idea that a "Beauty Supply" should be more than a hodge podge of hair, products, and random shelf fillers. Frustrated by the lack of customer service, product knowledge, and overall clientele appreciation, the cousins decided it was time to act. The resolution was simple, it is time for a new generation of Beauty Supplies to be born!

Honey Hair Comb Inc. extends past an actual store front. The Honey Comb is looking to expand the beauty boutique concept to a benefaction driven program to service the community. Through education and charity, Honey Hair Comb Inc. strives to extend success to all of those willing to better themselves. Stay tuned for more details about the Bizzy Bee Program!!!


The Honey Comb is the answer to the average Beauty Supply.  We are the solution to the diverse and ever evolving needs of the Beauty and Hair Care Industry . The Honey Comb is more than just a beauty supply, it is an experience. Focused on the customer’s needs, this Beauty Boutique will provide not just merchandise, but ambiance, education, and customer satisfaction. The Honey Comb represents a reclaiming of an industry that has become over run with a cookie cutter concept. We are committed to providing luxury to a necessity