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Virgin Perm Straight

The Honey Comb

The Golden Luxe Perm Straight is a smooth straight texture that gives a natural and sleek look. This would not be considered a wet and wave type hair. It can be worn wet with a very slight wave pattern. The straight hair will appear to be longer as there is no curl shrinkage to contest length. 100% Virgin Hair. Machine weft meticulously crafted. This hair is sold in it's natural color  (brown or 1B - 2) and is mostly used by professional hair stylists for high-end customers because of the durability and superior quality. Our entire Golden Luxe Hair Collection has been collected without being chemically altered or processed.



The Honey Comb is an Up and Coming Beauty Supply that specializes in finding a Naturalista's sweet spot. Instead of mimicking your average beauty supply, the Honey Comb offers a more diverse selection of product. We offer a variety of hair extensions for all hair types. Check out what all the Buzz is about!!

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